Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Criminals Endicted in Market Slowdown, October 12, 2008

Professor Chuck E. Boobenstein (right) and two of his trusted cohort (Wickenfetch and Dixiewinkle) were nailed by a “grass roots“ regulatory commission at the 7-11 in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6.

Simply put, Boobenstein and his “lucky two“ caused a market meltdown on the trading floor of the 7-11 here in Captitol Hill. Their plan started out small and then grew into a tangled mess; apparently they had gotten leashed up by a greedy bunch of speculators. How could they not respond to the corruptness of market greed? Led by Dixiewinkle's plan (see photo, center), all three of them issued mortgage-barked securities to the willing and not so willing—hoping that the market would rally before debts were paid to the cashier and the greed went unnoticed.

During this day, they tried to project a "business-as-usual" image. Well, the business at hand ended up biting them on all fours. Caught without valid testimony and digging for answers, they're now behind bars, sort of, where they issued the mortgage-barked securities. Some are hoping that they stay there a long time—like 5 minutes—without the barks. The market forces, particularly at this 7-11, need to re-adjust to a fearless exchange of real money and goods in an environment of trust.

A growing number of frequent 7-11 patrons plea for Boobenstein's innocence, saying that the speculators are to blame. Quite frankly, anyone with no expertise in capitalist dogma could easily conclude that the three of them left without supervision is just plain dumb.