Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chuck E Boobenstein Named Image Consultant for Hillary 2016

When the shoe drops, wear it . . .
Last week, a mysterious woman threw a shoe or should we say red pump at Hillary Clinton who was speaking about solid waste, aka poop management, at a convention in Las Vegas last week.

"My goodness," said Hillary, "I didn't know that solid waste management was so controversial," [shortly after the shoe flew by her, see photo]. Now laughing, she continued, "Thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did."  Source: CNN

Does Clinton get "girl power" credit for this statement? Seems like there might be a need here from some image rebranding, don't you think? I mean seriously, there's a lot of steak.

The Professor Chuck E Boobenstein who lives in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6, deftly comes to the rescue (see photo). In fact, he's been named "Image Consultant 2016" for the former Secretary, Democratic Presidential Nominee, First Lady, Governor's Wife, Consultant, Lawyer, Mom, and so on.

This assignment for Chuck—who is particularly fond of solid waste management—seems quite à propos. Can you think of a better image consultant for Hillary? And besides, they have a history that spans almost a decade—Boobenstein Gets Pantsy with Hillary Clinton (see photo below).

Here's a couple of tips from The Professor's desk—right off the bat (or bone):
  • Wagging around that softball bravado needs to stop pretty much immediately—I mean, c'mon, people are already confused by the pants suits.
  • The poop humor should stick for sure—most constitutes like to giggle about this stuff without controversy.
  • Regarding what we're going to call Hillary if she wins—Madame President, Mrs. President, My Lady President—it certainly won't be "The Hillenator" after the shoe incident . . . or wait a second, maybe it will be, as The Professor thinks out loud with one of those smirking, confident, just-you-wait-and-see kind of poses. Hmn?
As you can see from the photo back at the top—practice will make perfect—and Chuck has a few items to toss at Hillzie whenever she's ready or when she's not, like the other day. She's got to be able to handle this kind of heckling and respond better as 2016 comes crackling toward her and in what seems to be an overwhelming majority in her favor. If she doesn't run, then who will?

Speaking of that, Biden, who had an affair with Chuck not too long ago—The Professor Chuck E Boobenstein in Bromance with VP Joe Biden—is filing a lawsuit against the appointment for what he claims as an unfair infringement on eminent domain—whatever the heck that means . . . some nerve.

Either way, Chuck, who's research continues to get diverted, seems quite pleased with how things have progressed.