Monday, June 21, 2010

Boobenstein Gets Pantsy with Hillary Clinton

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Boobenstein Gets Pantsy with Hillary Clinton

Professor Chuck E. Boobenstein, a savvy "pants down" politico—in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6—has taken on Hillary Clinton, who has been Obama's Secretary of State, and who, by the way, has been getting very pantsy on foreign policy. She's gone well below the belt on immigration and causes yet another disruption in Chuck's treatise on Barcheology—the only quite promising element of his tenure portfolio until now.

The Professor Boobenstein has had to form a new consortium with an upstart named Comet B Dogmatic (see photo in armchair). The mission is to take pantsy politics to task, with Hillary being their first target. "The Comet," as Chuck likes to call his consortium fellow, remains silent on most issues but stays constant in the background as an idea "think tank" with a long history of never being fond of pants—or panting in general—especially during the summer months.

What spurred the disdain towards Hillary's pantsy politics was a recent trip she made to Ecuador, supposedly to make peace with their President, but instead, "The Hillary" got tied up in showing pants about the Arizona immigration law—revealing a Feds lawsuit that was supposed to be announced by the Attorney-"where's-his-pants"-General. What a fine way to mix politics, profiling, and "pants-panting," while the rest of the world seems to be more focused on how to address other agendas, such as an oil spill and the longest engagement ever in foreign countries against "terrier-isms." What a "bleepin'" mess—the pants don't cut the must turds—on or off (and for those brainstorming a quick fix now, "clam diggers" or "cool lots" don't work either, no matter who's wearing them).

Both Chuck and The Comet have advocated a "no panting" zone as shown in the photo and will continue until other more important details on foreign policy are dressed up properly. Quite frankly, pants—particularly red ones—have no place in this kind of political landscape or even couched in armchair politics.

Best Foot First's Blog Dog is for entertainment purposes only. In fact, that any pantsy meetings have ever taken place between the two parties cannot be confirmed by—and would likely be denied by—Hillary Clinton and her staff.