Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pelosi Fingerpoints Boobenstein

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Boobenstein Gets a Fingerpointin' from Nancy Pelosi!!!

Professor Chuck E. Boobenstein, a well-known critic of the more obvious—in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6—has been been getting a brutal fingerpointin' from the House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy, in an over-zealous attack on loud, rabble-rousers like Professor Chuck E Boobenstein, compared her left-facing hair swoop to the right-swooping "happy tail" of the please-you-not-me dogma directed toward the likes of Boobenstein. She used a fingerpointin' strategy (see photo) that most believe was rehearsed way in advanced to steer clear of the usual "hand patting" that she's known for on the house floor. My goodness, Chuck had to have his trusted colleague—and Interim Warden at the compound on Capitol Hill—Officer Samantha E. Dixiewinkle sit in for this fingerpointin' as a witness. Dixiewinkle, who typically falls just to the right of Chuck on most things (see photo)—was not impressed at all, and by the way, has no swoop.

Sammy, as many of Chuck's friends call her, has been Chuck's informer of what should take place when constituents are not happy. For example, she always gingerly provides a reality perspective of the kinda crap that doesn't fall far from the tree (or door). When she's mad, she communicates without tainted rhetoric or a media bonanza—just plain drops of wisdom.

The confusion and resultant fingerpointin' clearly centers around whether to vote for real or just vote. Not even sure of what's being voted for—and when and whether the vote counts or whether the vote counts only if the democats vote or something like that—Boobenstein wants to vote but doesn't want anyone to find out if he voted or if he did not vote up or down or in a circular motion. Whatever he votes for he wants it to count somehow and big time.

Nancy's fingerpointin' at Boobenstein does, however, respect an intricate process that, in the end, no one will give a "bleep" about after the vote is over—much like the process of a good business deal of any "dogpublican" who might be in a more straight-forward camp such as Boobenstein. In fact, Boobenstein, like many others, has been use to the exploitation of any ground that requires his input. When he leaves a much-sought-after-ground-breaking-area—like the health care of the less fortunate—he wants no one to notice the awkward position he was in when he left his message or even supported the cause. Covering these things comes natural with the right motions. But for some reason now, good business sense seems to get entrenched in grass-roots causes like "tea chanting" or needless filibustering. A coffee clutch doesn't even work fa' crissakes!!!

The fingerpointin' went on between Pelosi and Boobenstein for only a few moments and eventually the door opened for something that all could smell, buy into, and agree on—like a fresh, thin-crust pizza with gourmet toppings that shares conveniently among many. You don't always get what you thought you paid for but a pizza like this one sure tastes good to most folks!!!

Best Foot First's Blog Dog is for entertainment purposes only. In fact, that any meeting has ever taken place between the two parties cannot be confirmed by—and would likely be denied by—Pelosi and her staff.