Friday, July 19, 2013

Rachel Jeantel Teams Up with The Professor Chuck E Boobenstein on Race

Rachel and Chuck Keepin' It Real

Ideas about race, stand your ground, self-defense, understanding one and other, communicating across-and-intra-cultural lines, and gun control have been on The Professor Chuck E Boobenstein's mind recently—in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6.

With Chuck's Treatise on Barcheology on hold again to consider the nuances around racial differences and identity, the star prosecution witness (see photo) in the Trayvon Martin murder trial has caught his attention.

Teaming up with Rachel Jeantel—after her interview on CNN's Piers Morgan—became inevitable for Chuck. Remember when the Professor schooled Piers a couple years back? (see post here.) Who knew that Rachel would do the same? Chuck knew and makes it clear how they are on the same team. Basically, they both should be honored for being able to articulate what's real instead of getting tied up in communication leashes that have been designed by others—like Don West from the trial.

So, here we go, the evidence. In a subsequent interview after the not-guilty verdict, Morgan tries to support Jeantel while bashing Juror B37 who refers to "those" people and who also gets slammed for it in the social media stratosphere. Then, hold your bonnets, Piers slips up moments later and says to Rachel, "in your world" instead. What's the difference? (those people in their world). He's got the problem too!

In fact, later in the discussion, she—in her grand teenager transparencyquickly reprimands the almighty liberal Piers with,
"No, nigga means any man! You don't have to be a black man [in my world] . . .you can be my Chino nigga!" [slight editorial embellishment].

She then clarifies for the Queen's English himself that the use of language does not have to be in what he referred to as "in your world" but so appropriately emphasizes that language can be valid for any age, any race. Ok, except if you're white, just don't use the "N word"—and don't "us and them" any group. You idiot Piers! Well, at least your heart was in the right place, just like the Juror B37 said Zimmerman's heart was after he shot Trayvon's heart at gun's length. We don't mean to be so harsh on the well-meaning Piers—yet it's the nuances—that's what can creep up on us (more on that later).

Anyway, back to the Professor and Rachel. Analogous to Chuck, Rachel speaks three languages, has a lot of courage, is very up front about why her speech might be "different" because of a physical under bite that she's now in the process of getting addressed medically. Chuck has his issues too but not worth detailing in this "context," to quote our POTUS, Barack Obama who also spoke on this topic in a White House press room briefing here:

All this commentary and pundit-o-mania might end up in minutia paralysis. For example, the discussions about walking too slow, walking too fast, or the swagger walk—how's a man supposed to walk these days—should we say, "swagga" or "swagger?" all depend on context.

Ok, so now where does the "creepy-ass" cracka of Professor Chuck E Boobenstein come into play [notice the "a" instead of the "er"?] You guessed it, "It's Big Time! (remember Cheney)"  In fact, you can see that thing of Chuck's at all angles particularly when he's happy—tail up and haughty. For God's sake, he even graces us with this while chasing people, dogs, flies, pizza crusts, and squirrels of course. What the hell's so racial about this? 

Here's a quick joke from Chuck E Cheese [one of the Professor's friends on Facebook] to get us back on topic. Seriously, What kind of potatoes do you order online?    #brownsthat is"hash browns!"

Duh, the speed of online communication is so fast that reflection of what we're saying and how were relating to people get's knee-jerked, Twittered, Facebooked, LinkedIn, Instagrammed, Tumbled, YouTubed, Google+ ed, and "hashed." And here's the big question—dunt, dunt, dah—why are all the facilitators of media bonanza discussions mostly white? In fact, I don't think you can get any whiter than CNN's Anderson Cooper (see photo).

Ok, maybe we haven't been watching all the news, paying attention to "our world" and finding out what's really going on. Let's strike up friendships with people of all races—not strained but genuine—and tolerate a dog in the neighborhood (and their owners). No one is right in this situation or being right is only relative to "our context." We're probably moving in better directions now with race so let's not polarize the discussions.

Rachel and Chuck look pretty good together, don't they?