Friday, December 28, 2012

Piers, Barbra, and Chuck

The Professor Chuck E BoobensteinDoppelganger on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight
Yes, it's true—an uncanny appearance with Piers and Barbra! Saaaa weet!
On the show, the Professor Chuck E Boobenstein reveals his love of acting and sing ging, as well as an incredible shyness that comes over him at times—just like the Bab [a.k.a. the incredibly talented Barbra Streisandsee photo]. Stomp. Stomp. You've got to be kidding, right?
Well, there's something about his one droopy ear and her somewhat dreamy yet awkward fight to not look cross-eyed that makes them appear just a tad—shall we say—sima la [go ahead, we want you to use that thick, Brooklyn accent if you want].
We're still trying to figure out who Piers has the crush on? They're both charming, pitch the same political views most of the time, and find themselves thirsty and a bit intolerable of imperfection at almost exactly the same time. Yet, neither like hot water. Imagine that.
So, you're thinking, why Barbra? Why Chuck? Well the news reel of the Fitty Clip or Financial Nose dive or whatever pet name they have for that gosh darn gridlock in DC has become un-dig-able.
Other nasty news has just become intolerable. Nuff say-ed.
And, it's the Holidays Fa' Crissakes! The Professor, whom you've come to know as the one continuing work on his Treatise on Barcheology in and around the area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6, has taken a much deserved break from politics and discussions about the NRA.
Good distractions and diversions keeping him grounded as usual!
Happy Holidays 2012