Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boobenstein Backs Vote for Same-Sex Leashes!

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Boobenstein Backs Vote for Same-Sex Leashes!

Professor Chuck E Boobenstein, from an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6, backs his potential vote on the same-sex leash quandary—truly a stunning upset here on the Hill. Basically, the Professor postures that equality at the price of union might make better sense than to be a little too individualistic. He's decided to examine the issues, though, before backing a final vote.

By the way, the Professor's Treatise on Barcheology remains on hold until the summer heat gives way.

So, back to the examination. On one tail—at the face of most government sponsored or endorsed programs—efficiency and personal ethics alone, cry out for such same-sex unions on one leash (see tandem leash in photo). Oh, to be sanctioned by such a well-meaning crowd of liberally minded supporters. As some of the more prominent politicos from a more important, larger state up North, toggle between pants on or pants off, twittling away at their up-front socially-conscious media---or medium, or, well, I mean large, magnum, what-EVER.

For God's sake, does anyone know where you can find a good Weinershouldnotshow these days? Or how about a good groomer, hair or no hair? That same-sex or over-sexed duo from New York should have combined last names, "Spitzer-Weiner or Weiner-Spitzer," either has a nice ringer to it, doesn't it? Weiner, Weiner Spitz Spitz...Nanny, Nanny Poo Poo, oh my goodness, got a little carried away there, sorry. Hope that didn't get too mixed up.

On the other tail, maybe a good tandem leash—or marriage of sorts—will help. Rescuing us again by an entitlement to more services, more programs, and more stuff to keep our GS'ers from losing a line of sight on their next step and grade. What do they do, anyway? I'll bet many ride tandem when they get the chance (just for fun) but travel individually for proper disbursement of their transportation vouchers. Dag or dog gonnit, well it ain't their fault, really.

Ok, so maybe we actually should have separated Church and State from the beginning—seriously—not just erecting the beautifully architected church buildings far from the State Department buildings or vicey versy. Maybe the actual values instead. Whoopeeee.

Boobenstein, wonders quite frankly, how does the State Department define a good tandem same-sex leash situation from, say, two happy-go-lucky's who might not be the same sex but still could be having a good time? In fact, in the picture above, Professor Boobenstein admits there's a little bit of gender confusion in this particular union—nothing to do with the leashes, the tandem, or even the State Department—just plain muddled-up shit!!!