Friday, October 18, 2013

GOP Turns to Flea Party Express for Votes

Let's face it, members of the Tea Party Express, also known as Dr. Seuss Republicans did not prevail. That's right, did not prevail. They did not accomplish anything but troubled times for many.

Basically, what we've witnessed through their efforts is a bunch of itchy, bitchy non sequiturs, one after another—the failed drama routines, rhymes that don't rap, and "no Obama" kinds of blank stares into the microphone but NOTHING to back it up (see photo to the right - pun intended).

Fa' crissakes, take off your pants and look down. Ain't nothin' there to be proud of unless we've missed something! There's really only one way to turn—and please do—toward the newly functioning Flea Party Express in an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6.

Enter the Professor—Chuck E. Boobenstein—he's finally gotten his platform on real reform out at the forefront. Thank God—all this riff raff or ruff ruff about research and tenure—it's just not happenin' any time soon. For those caught up ideological struggles, especially when the whole universe is moving in another direction like when the squirrels scurry on a chilly Fall day, get a grip on yourself.

Anyway, the Flea Party Express tolerates common sense just as Chuck does. If you have fleas, get rid of them!!! Just ask your constituents to set off a bomb. You can order prescription drugs from your local pharmacy, whatever it takes. If it itches—and it don't feel good—why suffer?

Ok, let's be fair for all the process-orientated folks who might need more time—moderates if you will. Consider that you "fought the good fight," so to speak, without any comfort from a tanning bed. You know who we mean, the more organic types or—slash—holistic folks who should probably use garlic to ward off the fleas. For example, if you have fleas—but smell awful—at least folks will walk away from you if you're not making sense and sort of itching in a tacky way in front of other reasonable folks. We know that the fleas will eventually disperse as they should.

Pa' lease, if your "game" keeps producing little itchy bumps all over the place, don't continue. It's that simple.

As we move forward, Chuck emphasizes about this new Flea Party agenda that real reform will have to include ways that we can discuss fleas without judgment.

Key Point—If you have fleas, follow the trail of data—know how they got there, and what you can do to address them. Find an approach that works. But never, ever, throw your hands up in the air or another Quran at the White House and then make silly rhymes about how the fleas might go away with empty rhetoric and no proof as if in an "evidence-free" zone.

Let's make no bones about this—data, data—bark, bark—data (see photo left - pun intended). Duh!