Friday, January 30, 2015

The Professor Lends Dog House to Speaker of the House, John Boehner

Boobenstein Provides Much Needed Dog House to Worthy Cause

In an area of Capitol Hill referred to as Ward 6, Professor Chuck E Boobenstein announced today that he's lending his dog house to our current Speaker of  the House (see photo).

Chuck's albeit rarely used part-time residence will serve as John Boehner's "time out" location for his recent antics on the House floor—trying to upstage the President with foreign policy—holy bad dog treats, what was he thinking?  I mean, talk about a leg up in all the wrong places!

The signature pouting and mysterious tan that this representative from Ohio has will hopefully subside to normal levels after a period of time in the box, so to speak. I mean, who hasn't questioned either of these things about The Speaker?

It just doesn't add up. Everyone has foibles. I mean The Professor chews on his paw incessantly when he's bored but he doesn't lack integrity. In other words, we can excuse the tan, the pouting, and the bravado at times on the house floor about how much our President has "lied" to the American people—as Boehner puts it—but we don't excuse a sheer lack of decency when it comes to The United States of America. We've fought our own civil war to become who we are now—the strongest nation in the world. So why undermine it, Mr. Speaker?

John Boehner's inviting one of our strongest allies' Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, without consulting the White House, was a big mistake.

By the way—not sure who calculates these statistics—Barack Obama has probably been one of the most honest Presidents we've ever had. He was not lying when he said, "If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance." That was what was considered a fact at that time he said it and we did not know that the insurance industry would change their tune after he said that. Fact.

In spite of that, maybe the problem that Boehner faces is that so much of what our current President, Barack Obama has been doing on so many fronts has been working, including foreign policy. Trying to get a leg up like this, after trying to appeal Obamacare 100 and umpteen times, or proposing legislation that will be vetoed, is just utterly insane.

There's a lot that's just plain messy right now in Congress. We're all hoping a little duty time in Chuck's place for The Speaker will give us all respite. Thanks Chuck!