Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Professor Stands Down at Proper Sitting with the Queen—2012 Olympics

Chuck E Boobenstein Stands Down2012 Olympics—A Proper Sitting with the Queen

Professor Chuck E Boobenstein meets the Queen for a proper "Stands Down" Sitting—both class and pooch protocols go unchallenged with nothing but a proper restoration of good spills. I mean good will. Recent gaffs by US Presidential hopefuls must stop. I mean really, who wants to spoil the exchanges of funding for our new "Imperialism." Pretty sure we don't want stealth technology—now exposed—to spar with the birds in the Royal Navy.  Didn't mean to drone on there but maybe that's better.

Anyway, honoring corporate agendas for the sake of good shopping, freedom and democracy, and a decent pension does have some merit—else—we can't protect you from yourselves. We're not that concerned if you don't bow, toast, insult, or touch private parts appropriately. Oh my goodness, you had to go there didn't you? Dogs are dogs. For God's sake. The Queen, and a playful snout up the skirt is not necessarily a bad thing. I mean think about it. If something smells good, isn't it worth investigating—just a little bit? Ok, so the Professor agreed, this would be a stands down event. Forget that.

The Queen's Corgi's, aka Corgis (see photo)—now on holiday at an undisclosed horse farm needed some fun. What they do behind closed blinds never frightens the horses. Seriously, insider comments about security, who gets to do what and when, have gotten international decorum all mixed up. Anyone like a Corgis gone Morgus?

The Professor—from an area of Capitol Hill (The New Country) referred to as Ward 6—will stand down for the sake of our country or some country (see photo above).  Hey, if the Queen wants to shield herself with sensationalism—shush, we've heard she likes Springsteen—so be it. Chuck (just for our purposes) will STAND DOWN in a proper sitting with the Queen. Still so embarrassed about that whole snout thing . . .

To keep things moving, what seems to be confusing is confusing. Why is it that so many people in the world still have a British accent—or slip into one during stressful times—like when they've had too much to drink?

The Professor has stood down. The summer heat on the East Coast in the States has gotten him to get his final thoughts together—for what we're now calling "The Treatise for Tenure."  His actions on paper have halted only briefly in exchange for a fascination with the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, especially for Charlie Houchin who goes by Chuck E in tight circles just like The Professor.

To finalize the sittingthe Queen makes no effort to speak. We're confident now that all has been quite proper!